Our team

We recognise that clients are looking for a skills transfer that goes from the consultant to the client, not in the opposite direction.  Our people are highly experienced individuals with a blend of operational and consulting skills and a track record of delivering.  On-the-job coaching and knowledge and skills transfer are a key part of what we do.

We also recognise the importance of building the confidence of our clients to be able to lead change.  Our people are experienced at developing highly effective relationships of trust with their clients that allow them to explore together, and address, key gaps in understanding and capability.

Neil Elliott : Managing Director

E-mail Address:   Neil.elliott@counterpointllp.com
Contact No:         00 44 7789 200 868

Neil specialises in helping clients to deliver large programmes that involve the effective integration of people, process and technology change. Typically working alongside the senior management team, Neil understands how to bring together the varied cross disciplinary strands of work that are necessary to deliver client goals. He is a Chartered Accountant and has worked as both a Commercial and Finance Director in the IT sector.