About us

Counterpoint LLP was formed from a merger of several specialist organisations who shared a common view of what clients are looking for today from their consultants.

In our discussions with business leaders in both the public and private sectors, we have realised that the sustainable delivery of change requires clients to utilise best practice consulting methods together with dedicated and sustained implementation experience, working hand in hand with client teams so that knowledge, experience and practices become embedded and not temporary.

The traditional separated models of management consultancy and interim management no longer meet these client demands and the Counterpoint model therefore bridges this gap – providing leading consulting thinking as part of integrated client / consultant delivery teams. It means that we can provide the ‘big firm’ advice together with the immediacy and responsiveness of a trusted right hand man.


How do we do this?  By providing only the best individuals who have the capability to challenge the status quo as any good consultant would, but then apply the output to pragmatic implementation solutions in order to provide the best outcome.

This means that at Counterpoint we can differentiate ourselves by providing small teams of highly experienced consultants who also unusually, are ‘completer finishers’.